About Me

Recently graduated from University of North Carolina, Charlotte, USA with Masters in Computer Science.
Open to opportunities within India.

I like reading non-fiction books, blogs and listening to podcasts (like Planet Money, Marketplace, Business Wars, 99% Invisible and Hardcore History to name a few)

If you're a prospective employer, this section is for you

There are a bazillion technologies in use on the internet today, below is a list of some I've worked with (and developed an affinity towards).

Programming Languages: Java, Python and C++.
Web Technologies: jQuery, CSS and vanilla JS (Libraries: React, Static Site Generators: Hugo)
Frameworks: Worked with Bootstrap and Materialize.
Database: MySQL and learning MongoDB.
OS: No more a distro hopper but I love ElementaryOS and Kubuntu. These days I'm a Windows guy.
Project Management Tools: Trello (Amazing tool - used it both for personal and school projects).
Misc Software: Honorable mentions to some of the best pieces of software I've used over the years. These include Autopsy, Cadence Virtuoso, FTK Imager, OptiSystem, MultiSim, Orange, RegExplorer, TrueCrypt and WireShark.
Others: I keep a keen interest in Cybersecurity and Computer Forensics.

Some names above pertain to an electronics engineering domain as I also hold a Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering degree from VIT University, Vellore in India.