Hello, welcome to the lite text-heavy version of my web page.

I'm Shubham Bose. An electronics engineer turned computer engineer, foss advocate, coffee and tea lover who is interested in computer forensics and online privacy.

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What makes a modern web browser secure?

Quick Showcase

YouTube Search Fixer

Firefox addon to de-clutter youtube search and overhaul the UI.

NASA Picture of the Day

React-js project that uses NASA's public API to display random pictures of the day with a short description.

Quick Map Search

A simple .py script that takes you to the location of your choice on Google Maps directly from the run command.

Tableau Project

Overview in trend-changes with respect to Population density changes and it's effect on Education and Basic Amenties (Based on Census Data from India).

Goodbye Distractions

Open Source projects that aim to free the internet of distractions.

Phone and Email Filter

Ever handy script that gets you all phone numbers and email address from a .PDF file on your clipboard in a single click! Written in Python.